West Anaheim Jiu-jitsu Explorers

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  • WordPress CMS

  • Class Booking Integration

  • Art Photo Gallery

  • Mobile Responsive

Jiu-jitsu Training business with photo gallery and booking integration.

My contribution to the Jiu-Jitsu training business encompasses the development of a comprehensive website utilizing the WordPress content management system (CMS). By incorporating class booking integration, prospective and current students can effortlessly schedule their training sessions, streamlining the administrative process for the business. The inclusion of an art photo gallery enhances the platform, allowing for the display of training sessions, competitions, and the vibrant community surrounding the martial art. Ensuring mobile responsiveness ensures accessibility across a variety of devices, enabling users to engage with the website seamlessly on smartphones and tablets. Overall, your creation empowers the Jiu-Jitsu training business to efficiently manage bookings, showcase its offerings, and provide an immersive digital experience for students and enthusiasts alike.

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