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Regional Burning man event website

In developing the website for our regional Burning Man event, I've endeavored to create a digital platform that serves as a comprehensive hub of information and inspiration for participants. Through intuitive navigation and user-friendly design, I've ensured that visitors can easily access essential details about the event, including dates, location, theme, and ticketing information. Additionally, the website features interactive maps, schedules, and guides to help attendees navigate the playa and make the most of their experience. By integrating community forums and social media feeds, I've fostered a sense of connectivity and collaboration, allowing participants to connect with one another, share resources, and coordinate activities. From showcasing art installations and theme camps to providing resources for radical self-reliance and Leave No Trace principles, the website serves as a digital manifestation of our regional Burning Man community, embodying the values of participation, inclusion, and self-expression.

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